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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Difference between parties?

Tories: Spend as little as they can get away with; tax accordingly

Labour: Tax as much as they can get away with; spend accordingly


  1. Nah.

    Ken Clarke recently said, quite clearly, that over the medium term (say five years), the Tories would spend about 1.5% of GDP less per year than Labour plan to spend.

    So Labour plan to cut spending from 50% of GDP to 42% (let's say) and the Tories plan to cut it to 40.5%.

  2. Same priorities and everything just expenditure levels then?

  3. MW, that doesn't mean they don't have different underlying philosophies. The fact that they come to similar figures shows the balance in society between those calling for higher spending (and voting Labour) and those calling for lower taxes (and voting Tory) If either party shifted too far from this balance they would lose votes from the losers in that change more than they would gain.

    The underlying activity of parties is the attempt to shift that balance (e.g. Maggie selling off council houses to create home-owners, NuLbab's tax credits to attach more workers to the state's teat)

    That's not so say they spend the money the same way, but despite professed difference in philophy, they both seem similarly authoritarian to me.

  4. Yes it is right tax accordinaly