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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Money Money money

Brown has pledged £1 million to help Cumbria after the floods. Children in need raised £20 million.

A secondary school operating budget (80% spent on salaries) is £6 million

Brown's offer to Cumbria is a flyspeck, it wouldn't begin to replace a fallen bridge.

I can see that ordinary people can't get their heads around the sums of money involved in govt but Brown should have got it by now.

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  1. As I've said elsewhere, he shouldn't be pledging them a penny.

    Local infrastructure should be funded privately or out of local LVT. By the same token, I wouldn't expect people in the North West to pay for Crossrail in London.

  2. that's nothing, today Brown has pledged £1.5 billion towards relief for 'third world' countries (UK not included)for climate change nonsense