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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Eduardo - beginning of the video referee

So Celtic have succeeded in getting their day in court for the penalty that Eduardo alledgedly "won" by diving. If the court agrees a penalty should not have been awarded will Celtic sue for compensation, or a replay?

Having set this precedent every major game will now be followed by a legal challenge. Once individual players are suspended by a court after a game, how long before other ref decisions are taken there and results challenged. Will we see the premier league won by the team with the best legal team, not the best players. The way to head this future off is to adopt video refereeing, as in Rugby, tennis and cricket where in-game video is commonly used.

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  1. I have always thought that although it is tough to argue against the benefits and accuracy of video technology the best argument against is that, perhaps ignoring the larger crowds and TV camera's; a game played in the Premier League is conducted and governed in exactly the same way as a game in league two, and in the lower divisions and in Sunday and Pub leagues. The only difference is essentially the difference in level of skills and abilities of those playing.

    So where will we draw the line?

    That had always been the beauty of football in this country and across borders.