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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Police state? Can't use facebook to organise a barbeque

Daily Mail says:

"Riot police raided a 30th birthday barbecue because they thought the organiser, who had invited his friends via Facebook, was staging a rave.

Four police cars, a riot van and a helicopter moved in on Andrew Poole's gathering which was taking place in a field owned by a friend.

The coach driver had invited 17 guests to an 'event' on his social networking page by private invitation and was about to light the barbecue when the gazebo suddenly started flapping wildly and the sound of chopper blades filled the air..."

Two things strike me about this story:

Police spending time monitoring Facebook for "raves" when they should be out catching burglars, rapists and murders.

The inability of police, once they have had a chance to assess the real situation to admit that they might have been wrong about.

I hope he sues their arses and gets a fat payout - sadly it won't come from the police officers' salaries.

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