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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Phone line poll tax

Another tax! This time I'll be subsidising internet access for people who live somewhere where it is expnsive to provide it.

Guess what! Nice picturesque villages are nice places to live, but they don't have as good services as a city. Tough shit. You chose where to live. You decide the balance of costs, location and services. If broadband speed is that important, live somwhere you can get it or pay the premium to get it in the sticks. If you want a good school in your leafy vilage, fine - pay for it. Get the idea?

I'd like to live in the countryside, in a little cottage miles form anywhere. But I don't - why? Because I can't afford it - I'm too busy paying taxes to subsidies the whingers who live there already and expect me to pick up the costs with their choice of a place to live.


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