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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

...and so the end has started.

Jackboot Jacqui is resigning. The first brick in the dam has gone, more must follow. She obviously has less brass in her neck than the others, but Brown can't now let Darling, Hooon and the Balls stay on.

Nice to see Tom Watson fall on his sword, too.


  1. Indeed: Dave E is of course correct. The chipmunk is also going.

    We were even being told that others would perhaps follow yesterday evening, including Caroline Flint, though that appears to have ben halted — at least for now.

    This is not exactly the beginning of the end, and the futures of the three you mention are still far from clear (for one thing, it is known that Gordon wants Balls to be Chancellor to ease his transition to become Brown's ultimate replacement), but at least the wheels are now genuinely turning, rather than merely squeaking as if they were.

    Brown's future is definitely in doubt today, and his standing will almost certainly be even poorer by tomorrow evening, and worse still by Sunday evening.

    What the future holds is today very difficult to ascertain, and there are so many variables in the equation that I cannot even list or summarise the most likely scenarios. We are indeed living in interesting times, as the ancient Chinese curse would put it…