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Monday, 4 May 2009

Von Mises quote

Excellent quote from Division of Labour:

“Scarcely anyone interests himself in social problems without being led to do so by the desire to see reforms enacted. In almost all cases, before anyone begins to study the science, he has already decided on definite reforms that e wants to put through. Only a few have the strength to accept the knowledge that these reforms are impracticable and to draw all the inferences from it. Most men endure the sacrifice of the intellect more easily than the sacrifice of their daydreams. They cannot bear that their utopias should run aground on the unalterable necessities of human existence. What they yearn for is another reality different from the one given in this world. They long for the ‘leap of humanity out of the realm of necessity and into the realm of freedom.’ They wish to be free of a universe of whose order they do not approve.”

Mises, Socialism, p. 214

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  1. "Nice idea, wrong species" is my favourite quote about Marxism.