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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Life before Margaret

Bloggers like Dizzy are failing to recall Maggie's election n 1979, because they are too young. Sadly, I can remember; I was 15 at the time, revising for 'O' Levels.

I can clearly remember the 70's; three day week with Dad at home more, power cuts with the house lit by candles and old car headlamps running on car batteries. Blue Peter carried how-to segments on making candles from unusual things, like a block of margarine. Going up to the public library to check the information poster telling us when our street would get its power cut. I remember it being really exciting, we had a coal fire and a bunker full of coal, so we cooked on it when necessary - it was like being on a camping holiday. 

Right now we don't have power cuts or petrol rationing, queues for bread and candles. But I don't remember any anxiety, I don't recall the feeling that my dad would lose his job and we'd be on the street.  I don't know if he wasn't worried or if he hid it well.

This time, I am worried about my job and my kids are worried too and it's getting them down. Why is it so different? 


  1. Because it was great fun being a kid with the power cuts, candles and punk rock and all that. We're just older now.

  2. "Why is it so different?"

    Because even 12 years of this bunch of incompetent theiving shysters hasn't been enough to unravel the huge improvements that Maggie made.