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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Drinking in Westminster

Thanks to Steve Green of Daily Refereundum I attended today's Conservative Bloggers' piss-up. I had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon meeting bloggers and realising they are real people too! And a damn fine bunch they are. Those I met include:

Steve, of course.
North Briton Hunter (token leftie!)
Boiled frog
Martin Coxall

plus a few more whose names/blogs I didn't catch or can't remember due to the amount of Badger beer flowing, sorry - let me know who you are.

Most of their blogs are on my blogroll already and a few were new to me, so I've added them where I can.

Update: Simon Emmett and Tory Totty were there too, so I've added them to the blogroll too.


  1. Coughs Loudly

    I dont see me on the left

  2. Calm down, dear! I've added you now. On the right --->