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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Been a but quiet

Not posted since wednesday, I must have been busy. Went to a wedding Saturday and Watford today (we beat Derby 3-1) having wtched my son's team win 5-0 and he scored one of the goals.

So what has got my ire in the last few days?

MPs Expenses - not possible to be surprised or shocked anymore, tehy all seem to be in it up to their necks and completely shameless. The latest, some Lady Lord has an empty flat purchased on expenses, while she lives in a housing association house.

50% tax - what about the 85% withdrawal rates for ordinary, low paid people? I'm much more annoyed about that - bring on the citizen's income.

Land whale has triplets - the poor girl is the creation of the state, I don't like to see her vilified or laughed at. It is a pitiful tale and she is a vicitm.

MP's second jobs (by Frank Skinner) if being an MP is a full-tme job, then how can they be ministers? Surely Brown's constituents can't get the same access as I can get to my non-minister MP? If there is time to be a minister, there's time to be a non-exec director. If there were fewer MPs, and if ministers were not MPs, then I wouldn't want them having 2nd jobs.

Laming wants to put more kids in care. Having proven that putting a child on the at=risk register doesn't actually protect them, maybe he's right. But te question is: what to do about these people - less a case ofnot  taking away children as not locking up peodophiles.

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