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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Gordon can't say sorry

The best Clarkson's Idiot could do today was "express regret" about the content of McPoison's emails. 

He just can't use the word sorry, can he?

As my wife just said to me, when we had just seen the ITV bulletin: "if he does say sorry once, he won't be able to stop" I think she nailed it.


  1. As I've seen quoted elsewhere, 'New Labour means never having to say sorry.'

  2. It just 'aint gonna happen'.

    Regret is when you drop your toast on the floor and it lands butter side down. Regret is when you omit to post a birthday card on time.

    Spreading lies about politicians can only be tempered by stepping up to the plate and saying sorry.

    Brown just hasn't got it in him.


  3. Cyclops don't understand the concept of apologies.