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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Somali pirates save the planet

Mark Wadsworth asked for more pirate posts. I must admit I haven't posted on pirates recently, so here's an update:

Pirates are connected to global warming. The data in ben fry's article  is a little old now. There has been a reduction in temperature recently, but as we all know; Somali pirate activity has increased.


  1. That's more like it. However, I read recently that our collective navies had sharpened up their act over the past few months and the number of Somali pirate attacks is down by half.

    So has it become unusually hot down there over the past six months? All I know is that the UK has had its coldest winter for thirteen years.

    Similarly, we've just had the coldest winter for thirteen years.

  2. There's bound to be some lag in the system. If navies have reduced Somali pirate numbers, we may see temperatures rising soon.

    Of course, the graph doesn't tell us temperatures went up as pirates reduced, or pirates have reduced because it's getting warmer. Tricky.

  3. Well, as a general rule, cold weather = less crops = more motivation to embark on a life of crime, so I'd assume weather influences piracy.

    See also here for more weather/crime correlation tomfoolery.

  4. Well, I lost that graph at the time I lost all my images, when the site went belly up for a week. However, you guys are a little late on this one aren't you?