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Friday, 27 March 2009

Removing discrimination

Currently the monarchy suffers from the following discriminatory laws:

Males are considered for the top job ahead of females (sex discrimination)
Being or marrying a Catholic bars you from the top job (religous discrimination)

A private member's bill is now going through parliament to change the law to remove these discriminatory rules.

It seems very odd to me to point out that there is discrimination in the monarch selection rules and address only some of them. There is no proposal to address these other discriminatory rules:

Older candidates are considered ahead of younger ones (age discrimination)
Some grandchildren of the current monarch are ahead of children of the monarch (generational discimination)
Only relatives of the current monarch qualify for the top job (nepotism, racism)

It is ludicrous to suggest that a hereditary system is unfair and to increase its fiarness, while keping the most monsterous element of its unfariness in place, the hereditary principal. By making it fairer, while not addressing this issue, it points out even more what an out of date undemocratic system this is.

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