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Monday, 30 March 2009


is Andrew Mackinley. His constituency, Thurrock is 22 miles from Westminster. My son commutes from here to Pimlico every day on the train. We pay Mr. Mackinley £15,761 so he doesn't have to. Lucky Mr. Mackinley.

I would pay a higher salary and leave them to it. I'd provide civil servant staff at the HoC to do admin.

If I had my way there'd be fewer of them, too. We can't need more MPs than America as congressmen.


  1. The times are changing. Can't find any piano wire anywhere for love nor money!

  2. I fail to see why we need professional politicians at all. More frequently elected 'representatives' paid an average wage, with an easily implemented recall system would fit the bill much better.

    And I do object to their golden parachute payments when they fail to get re-elected - paying for someone you've just got rid of just adds insult to injury.