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Monday, 30 March 2009

Living on benefits

Most of us, who have a job, lead a life where we choose what to do based on what we can afford from our fixed income. Our income does not change because our circumstances do and we don't make life choices because they will increase our income. If we want to do X, then we know we can't afford Y because our income is fixed, so we make choices. If you want to do more things, you need to get a better paying job or work more hours or work harder and get more commission or bonuses. 

There are two classes of people who aren't living in this world: the poor and MPs.

If your earning capability is limited to minimum wage jobs, then you are also dependent on the state to pay you various benefits so you can have a decent standard of living. If you work harder or get a better paying job, your benefits are reduced almost £ for £.  So what do you do? You have more kids, or a couple splits up.  See here:

If you are an MP, your work provides a certain level of pay, but if you want more money you have to change your living arrangements, employ your children, buy things you can claim for that you can sell later and keep the money.

If our masters get the idea of living on an income that depends on the non-work choices you make, you can see why they have no problem making their clients live the same way.


  1. Great blog. One little quibble, I see them as our servants not out masters. They, of course, think you are correct!

  2. I'd like to see them as our servants too! Some chance.