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Monday, 23 March 2009

BBC supresses 1990

Watching Edward Woodward on Eastenders tonight got me looking up the great man's history on Wikipedia. Which reminded me of Wilfred Greatorex's 1990 - a dystopian future where the Home Office takes over the country following financial collapse, cancelling the general election.

I remember the series well, but I was surprised to learn that a) it has never been repeated and b) it has never been issued on DVD.

So we can't see a warning of what may soon be happening, or what has already started, because the BBC has supressed this important work.


  1. 1. Why did Edward Woodward have so many "D'" in his name? Because otherwise he'd be called Ewar Woowar.

    2. "Improtant"?

  2. Don't remember this one. Definitely looks worth tracking down.

  3. You can buy it here:

    Hopefully Gordon or Jacqui won't buy it - they may get some ieas.