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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Are MPs.. or are they ...

So now we know, MPs are out to line their own pockets.

Tony McNutty (left) has claimed buckets of cash, tax free, to live in his mum's spare room in his Harrow constituency, 7 miles away from is own home in Hammersmith, 3 miles form the HoP.  Or somethiung like that.

I don't care if this in within the rules - they made the rules, they can change the rule! Who else would be allowed to claim living expenese on their employer and be able to use them to pay off a mortgage and be the owner of the property? Anybody else has to provide receipts for every penny claimed or pay income tax on it. MP's, uniquely among all employees, do not have to. 

If the Tories want a few more votes at the next election, a little reform of MPs' expenses couldn't hurt as a policy.

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