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Friday, 20 February 2009

Teachers need to get out more

Don't they have any clue what is going on in the world?

"Christine Blower, acting general secretary of the NUT, says that the government and pay body should not be "tempted to use the economic downturn as an excuse" for lower pay increases.

"In this round, our case for a 10% pay rise is based on long-term trends in recruitment, retention and turnover. It also reflects the extent to which teachers' pay has fallen behind other graduate professions," says Ms Blower."


  1. Yet another example of the sycophants to the rich, i.e. the middle class, being clueless - perhaps a bottle of chardonnay and a twee dinner party would help.

  2. After the scrapping the TV-Tax, the edukashun corporation is the next thing to re-introduce to financial reality and customer choice.

  3. Teachers had above inflation pay rises for almost seven years in a row from 2000.

    Anyway, all this will be irrelevant by 2011 as the Conservative voucher funding scheme will be in place by then and teachers will be paid by their schools, with national pay bargaining where it belongs.

    In the bin!