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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Jaks - get a decent room!

I understand  Jacqui has been claiming £116,000 a year to stay at her sister's house in Peckham (esentially).

Here's the marksany answer: Claridge's. To put the amount of money we are paying for MPs to live in London and have a home in the constituency in some context, you can stay at a suite in Claridge's for £590 a night. That's a suite: Bedroom, Bathroom, sitting room in one of the best hotels in the world. If we put MPs up there for let's say 150 nights/year it would cost £88,000, less what discount you could get for booking in bulk. 

If the MP is prepared to slum it, the Grosvenor is as little at £160 a night for a suite.

So how much would we save on expenses to provide the 550ish non-London based MPs with a suite in a top London hotel? Millions. Their own house would be in their contituency of course and how could they complain - Claridges is good enough for kings and presidents. 

Correction (thanks, Dave E) the £116,000 was over 5 years. The allowance would stll get a nice suite in the Grosvenor or a std room at Claridge's. 


  1. I appreciate your sentiments Mark, but it's not £116,000 pa. The pig in the trough pocket liner claims the maximum £24,006 a year in taxpayer funded allowances.

    Her claims, of £116,000 were over several years.

    But still....what a grasping bastard!

  2. Thanks Dave, you are right. Enough for a room in Claridge's but not a suite. Also enough for a suite in The Grosvenor.

  3. As others have pointed out, they could knock up a couple tower blocks with 646 one-bed flats on the site of Battersea Power Station for a £30 million quid one-off payment, and all just live there, have affairs etc, the cost to the taxpayer would be minimal*

    * Interest cost on £30 million @ 5% = £1.5 million divided by 646 MPs = £2,300 per MP per year.