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Friday, 6 February 2009

Go Jezza!

So let's see if I got this right, Jeremy Clarckson called Gordon Brown a One-eyed Scottish Idiot. Now he has been forced to apologise, but what for: 
Gordon has only one eye, check. 
Gordon is Scottish, check.
Gordon is an idiot - well that's a matter of opinion, and an opinion that I share with Jeremy and millions of others.

So who have complained? 
Charities for the disabled - surely they are delighted our PM has a disability, showing that the top office of the land is not barred to the disabled. 
Scots - you'd think they'd be happy their tiny country has produced a leader who can govern a larger state where they are in a minority. 
Idiots - did they complain, maybe that's it. Yeah.

Update: Jezza has only apologised for remarks made about Gordo's apearance, i.e. his lack of an eye. He still thinks Gordo is a Scottish Idiot then. Go Jezza!

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