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Friday, 20 February 2009

Frank kicks in

Frank Field today points out the failure of the new deal and Labours oeul reord in unemployment for the last 12 years.


  1. He's a typical right winger (yes I know he's a Labour MP). He sees the symptoms, he understands the magnitude of the problem, he genuinely cares and is quite sincere.

    But but all he can suggest is even more authoritarian nonsense.

    Workfare jobs, probably a good idea, as long as it's a top up to CBI or a replacement for Housing Benefit. But paying people more dole if they have paid more tax is nuts - why not just cut tax a bit and let people self-insure?

    Your post as Welfare Reform Minister is still safe, in other words.

  2. MW: I agree completely. He still thinks "creating" jobs is a good thing. You can't create a job without destroying one somewhere else, unless you create some new wealth at the same time.