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Sunday, 1 February 2009

British jobs for ..yada, yada, yada

Workers and ex-workers in oil and power construction are striking and protesting against foreign workers being imported into the UK to do jobs that they could do.

Welcome to the club:

Textile workers - jobs exported to India, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, China etc

Shoe workers - jobs exported to Portugal and Poland and then re-exported to India and China

IT support, web design - jobs exported to India

Ship builders- jobs exported to Korea

Coal miners - jobs exported to Poland

Ships' crews - jobs exported to Singapore, Estonia

Builders, plumbers - jobs given to Poles coming here

Waitresses, manicurists, receptionists, nannies - jobs given to Polish and Czechs coming here

Car parts - jobs exported to Hungary, Czech and now being re-exported to China

Software engineers - jobs exported to India

Pottery - jobs exported to Indonesia

Car design engineers - jobs being exported to India and China

Call centre workers - jobs being exported to India

Nurses - NHS would rather bring trained nurses from the Philipines, India, China, Africa than train and recruit enough nurses in the UK.

and many, many more. (Add your own examples in the comments)

We now have 5.1million adults not working, it is about to rise to 7.1 million.  

Thank goodness we have lots of jobs in the civil service, fake charities, quangos, councils etc. If we didn't, no-one would have a job and who'd pay the taxes necessary to pay us all our benefits?


  1. I'm glad you said it.

    While I am rabidly anti-EU, I can also see that international labour mobility is probably a good thing.

    The issue that we in the UK can address (within or without the EU) is the problem of means testing. If we had a CBI/flat tax scheme, then it's far more likely that UK-resident people would be taking up those jobs.

    Oh, and scrap the bloody National Minimum Wage while you're at it.

  2. Exactly!
    This shows how ignorant we all are and how easily those in power can whip up anti-foreing feelings and distract from the real issues.

    Which is most harmful to "British workers". 750,000 jobs offshored? Or 300 Italians and Portuguese working for 6 months in Lincolnshire?

    Where was the Daily Mail, where was the Express and the Titty Daily where were the Unions, why didn't they organise strikes when one department after the other was offshored to India - the incessant trend of the last 10 years?

  3. Outsourcing and cheap foreign labour made the products cheaper. Great when it doesn't directly affect you and you've got the money to buy. But when your job's at risk ...... ? Bet those same people have never considered 'buying British'. Well, not until now.


  4. Hi,
    All our Psychiatrists and nurses are heading to UK and we in India have only 3000 psychiatrists for a population of 1 billion.
    I hope you will succeed and send those doctors and nurses back to India.