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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Blimey - I agree with Ali

Alistair Campbell is getting annoyed at Sunday papers' attacks on state education; specifically Christina Lamb in today's Sunday Times. He sent his kids to local state schools in Camden and found them to be good. I sent my kids to local state schools and I am reasonably happy with them. My eldest is finishing a degree in Physics this year, the next is studying art at a top London Art college and the youngest has started out at the local academy (formerly one of the most failing schools in the country). Despite Ms.Lamb's assertions, they all had plenty of opportunity to participate in competitive sport and they were all recognised for academic excellence with a number of prizes and cups. I was annoyed by Ms. Lamb and wondered if it is just a London thing, but Alistair Campbell suggests not. 

I agree with Alistair Campbell - wow. Never saw that coming!

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  1. You're right - Campbell is making a fair point but it's not the full story. I still have a 12-year old going through the state education system and, fortunately, he goes to a very good comprehensive - not a "bog standard" one. We had to make a big effort to get him into it as the nearest one has such a bad academic record and a very poor reputation.

    I suspect, but don't know from personal experience, that a lot of inner city schools are not anywhere the standard they could achieve.

    Don't forget it was John Major's government that first proposed academies, Blair took it up but Brown blocked it as Chancellor - even though he is now a reluctant convert.

    In general, I dislike Campbell's approach to anything but on this I concede he is talking sense. I have surprised myself too!