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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Sticking it to Gordo & the EU

"These strikes are proving to be for Gordon Brown a double whammy. The claim of 'British jobs for British workers' looks a pretty empty promise. Worse still, it shows the European Union has us in a double arm lock. British workers are being specifically excluded from working on contracts by European contractors - contracts won by European contractors to operate in our very own country."


  1. That looks very interesting, particularly as I spent 25 years in local government. Unfortunately my local library haven't got it, so it looks like I may have to buy it.

    They have got 'Freedom from command and control : a better way to make the work work' though, is that worth reading too?

  2. Freedom from command & control is good. The main difference is that the focus is on the private sector. The new book focuses on the public sector. The core ideas are the same:
    Variation happens, don't fight it: design systems to accept it.
    Business or public services serve customers - ask the customer what he wants. Look at your processes from the customers' perspective.
    Management targets drive the wrong things to be done.

  3. Ta, I'll have a look at that one too.

    (Obviously I meant these posts to be in the Book review - John Seddon's latest, post, but my fingers must have been dyslexic.)

  4. This started happening the moment Labour came to power. My business used to host & support
    (We were a Scottish company, run by a scottish woman). We lost in a tender to an Indian web developer and a mainland European host. Nobody I complained to could the see the irony....