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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Staving off redundancies?

My company has announced it is cutting pay and working hours by 20%. I'm hoping it will reduce the risk or the amount of enforeced redundancies.


  1. Remember that companies are punished by the government for employing people, so paying less and employing less is rewarded with a lower Employers NI fine.

  2. oh and I forgot...

    Best of luck with your job!

  3. It's not ideal, but since my marginal rate of tax is much higher than my average rate of tax, I will suffer less than a 20% cut in take home pay, but get a full day off. The thing to do is to use the day productively; re-training, maybe - but in god knows what.

    Thanks for the good wishes.

  4. Contractors at my company work a 3 or 4 day week at another firm then make the day up working for me.

    Since I'm a rather pedantic and difficult taskmaster (in a nice way) and the other firms have a wider range of things happening it suits all 3 parties.