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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Can China be to blame?

Sebastian Mallaby at the Washington Post: As Broon blames the yanks, so US economists and politicians, including Obama, are blaming the Chinese. Manipulating exchange rates, keeping the RMB low has caused unlimited funds to be pushed into USA powering the asset bubble. So they say. 

It seems all politicians like to blame foreigners rather than look at themselves. 

I wonder who the Chinese are blaming; they have to persuade their population, facing rising unemployment, that it's not their fault.


  1. There is an economic issue behind all this, that does not take the blame away from ourselves for not seeing or more importantly not having a back up plan.

    The main charge and the most serious charge against Crash Gordon is that he betrayed the national interest in giving powers away to internationalist bodies (EU, basel 2) that did not do their job.

    China looked after its self interest, why did we not look after ours?

    Here is a good post on the issue

    And another