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Friday, 26 December 2008

Is the Pope gay? Who cares?

Much coverage in the news recently on the pope's pontifications about homsexuality being evil, he denies that it could be genetic or epigenetic or due or hormones in the womb.

This has lead to debate about whether being gay is a choice, or is genetically etc. determined. Implied in this debate is the assumption taht it is OK to be gay if it is genetic, but it is not OK if it is a free will choice.

I think this debate is wrong headed and damaging. It shouldn't matter if it is geneitc or not. People should be free to live how they want. What goes on in their bedrooms is not my business, or the pope's or anybody else's. But by discussing a kind of homsexuality that is OK, they are widening the idea that some kind of homsexuality is not acceptable. What if they found a gene that could be tested - what could this lead to? WOuld gay people who don't test positive for the gay gene be loacked up in special mental hospitals, where the are trained and treated until they are straight?

If you aren't gay (and I'm not, but that's not relevant to this post) don't think this doesn't effect you: how our society treats those who are different effects us all - one day they might pick on the differences you have.


  1. Indeedy. The pope is either a repressed gay or more likely a Nazi.

    Gay-ness is certainly not a lifestyle choice, or else why would there be gay people in countries where it is a capital offence? Whether the correct term is 'genetic' or 'inborn' I do not know but it is certainly naturally caused.

  2. I'm in agreement with you. Here's my opinion, everyone knows or has met a gay person and it soon becomes so obvious that any straight person could not fake the gay personality for any length of time. You require little intelligence or common sense to realise a gay person is born like that. It is clearly not a choice to be gay and you would instantly be exposed as a fraud by real gay people if you made it your choice.

    Anyone who picks on gay people in a negative fashion is the type of person who would be prejudice towards anyone for any other reason too. These bullying types of people lack intelligence and are therefore born that way due to their genetic make up but they do have the chance in life on realisation of their own condition that they can educate themselves into decent people. Whereas being gay is a genetic default no different to eye or skin colour and cannot be changed.

    We are at this time especially in great danger from a large group of prejudice people who with a combination of personality disorders and ignorance, desire to force us all to live in a nightmare world of their making as revenge for their psychological injuries received during their childhood leading to their bullying, control freakery, lust and addiction to power they now abuse as any criminal mind does in character.

    Yes the present Government is made up of a shambles of third rate failures rejected by normal people and hooked on power who seek to thrust upon us their sick and damaged closeted view of how society should be. Most other people with similar types of medical condition end up in prisons or mental hospitals. Just as their is a fine line between genius and madness so too there is an extremely fine line between the mind of a politician and the mind of a criminal.

  3. "Could not fake the gay personality." What? Do you mind me asking what this personality is? Are you talking about the in your face camp/butchness? Very few people, including "real gays" as you call them would think I'm gay when they first meet me. I've often gotten gay boys saying to me "oh you'd never know you were a lesbian" as if its some kind of complement. But I assure you I have only ever been intereste in girls. I had my first crush on a girl at 10, had my first lesbian relationship themed dream at 8, before I unerstood what gay ment and I have only ever been with girls and am currently in a long term lesbian relationship. I am out and proud and actively campaign for gay rights but becasue I must lack this "gay personality" you speak of. Otherwise I wouldn't have to bother telling people I'm gay would I?

    I would completely agree with the Mark. Who cares if gay is genetic or not. I don't like to think that something that central to my personality is out of my comtrol and determined, not by my experiences and how I learned from them but, by some stupid gene and I hate when people make that arguement that gay is ok because its not our fault. What is at fault for it to be anyone's fault?

  4. Umm, the 'choice' thing really only seems to apply to bisexuals. They could easily chose an easier 'row to ho' (no pun intended) by chosing an opposite sex partner. Those of us that are actually gay have no choice in the matter at all (well, celibacy is the go first!). I'm 100% gay. I have zero sexual attraction to women, none at all. I don't know why this is (I think women are really cool and absolutely the best friends you can ever have).