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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Claimants 'should be work ready'


Claimants don't work, because work does not pay. The benefits system provides just enough money to live on. If you are living off the system and get a low paid job (as is likely, most people's first job is low paid) then you will lose 80p of benefit for every pound earned. Would you work a whole week for £40? Hence the term "poverty trap".

To get people working, change the system so withdrawal rates are smaller.

Why is this so hard for the political class to understand?


  1. I can only assume because a complicated system generates jobs for a vast bureaucracy. Either that or they are shit stupid.

  2. Well said.

    Labour don't want people to look for work because it will destroy their unemployment statistics. Claiming benefits takes people off JSA, which 'reduces' the number of people registed as unemployed.

    We have less than two million 'unemployed' but have five million economically inactive people in this country - and Labour counts this as success.