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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

"Labour should listen to Will Hutton" by John Redwood

My comment to John's excellent article.

"It seems the govt is going to give away cash to the "poor". I wouldn't call it tax breaks, when those getting the money won't be those paying the high taxes when it needs to be repaid. Sadly I probably earn enough to not be "poor" to get the handout, but not enough to be "rich" to avoid the taxes. Of course, I'll probably lose my job the week after the handouts, so maybe I won't have to pay the taxes after all..

I'd go a lot further than stop final salary pensions for the statritariat, I'd give them a 10% pay cut and put them on a contributory pension at 65, obviously expediently to save the economy, but it needs doing, so why not now? Taxes could really be cut accordingly. They would only be going through what their neighbours in the private sector are going through.

The inequality between those employed in the private sector and those working in the public sector, or those on benefits is going to become a major social & political problem."

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