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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Cherie: "let them eat cake"

According to local news, Cherie Blair was at UEA for a book selling when she faced a demonstration from students about the size of her student debts. Asked by reporters she said that the debt was fine and that by getting a degree the students would be able to repay the debt, or if they didn't get a god job they wouldn't have to pay it back at all.

She seems to miss the point that most of the debt carried by students is on overdrafts, bank loans and credit cards, since the governments student loan is too small to cover all fees and living costs. It is true that the student loan company need not be repaid if a graduate fails to earn in excess of £15k/year, but banks aren't so helpful when it comes to their loans and credit card debt.

I think Cherie kinda missed the students' point. Surprising she didn't say "let them eat cake"

I have a two sons at University, they get the minimum Student Loan, because I am "rich" (I make enough money to just miss on help like EMA and WTC, but after tax and mortgage on my modest three bed terraced house in Essex, I just clear what a "Job seeker" getting all his various benefits can get.) The minimum student loan does not cover education and living costs so other forms of debt are inevitable for my sons. I really hope the economy recovers enough for them to get decent graduate jobs, otherwise they'll be unemployed and saddled with a ton of debt.


  1. This whole student loans thing is another problem that a Citizen's Income would sort out.

    OTOH I personally have no objection to tuition fees.

  2. Tuition fees are good, I'd like to see them spread to the guardians of all children!