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Sunday, 6 July 2008

Systems thinking for the NHS - 2002!


  1. The NHS is wrongly named. It isn't a system for health, it's a process for treatment rationing which incentivises bad health choices funded by punishing work.

    Until health is owned by the people it effects (i.e. themselves) and insurance cost is aligned with the effort they put into maintaining that health then any system will fail.

    My idea is to subsidise insurance to the healthy level for a person of that sex and age. People pay extra to insure their self-inflicted problems (smoking, overweight & lack of exercise etc). This will encourage companies to monitor the health of those they insure to make sure their premiums are aligned with their health.

  2. Sounds like HMOs in the US, which many people avoid, despite the lower premiums, because they have to have regular check-ups.

    The flip side is that unhealthy folks get a discount on their pensions, to reflect that they will die before they have claimed all their money back. I could then fund my extra health insurance cost
    (I'm a fat bastard) with my pension discount.

  3. Yes. One of the major problems of health is that people "disown" the health problems of their own bodies.

    One of the major problems of the NHS is that it allows them to do this.