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Friday, 11 July 2008

Does prison deter? Stumbling and Mumbling today.

My comment posted today on Stumbling & Mumbling:

"No mention of it here, but what about the causes of crime?

The current generation of poor youth are pretty justified in believing that there is no future for them in this society. Youth unemployment is so high; they have no expectation of a mainstream job. Starter jobs in manufacturing industry have all gone to China, in building and catering to Poles and in office and admin to computers and Bangalore. If they do get a minimum wage job, after benefits withdrawal, they earn 70p an hour.

Stuck in a system that does not provide stimulation or earning potential, is it a surprise they turn to drugs & crime.?

The welfare state pays their mothers to stay single and grants fathers no role in contributing to a household. So they grow up with no positive role models, other than the gang leaders at the top of the drug dealing and pimping pile.

So yeah, bang em up; that'll do it! But: there is another cohort ready to step in growing up right behind this one.


  1. People in prison also have trouble creating children.

    That's one of the major benefits of jail, it hampers the creation of criminal families.

  2. True. But the question was "does prison deter?", not "does prison work".

    To claim prison works by keeping criminals off the streets, well I absolutely agree with that assertion. But only for as long as they are inside.

  3. 1) Keep them inside longer.

    2) Make prison cheaper.